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Come Fly with Lana Jordain! sells thousands upon thousands of e-books and paperbacks, but none quite so remarkable or inspirational as Lana Jordain’s soaring journey of self-discovery in her novel Ready? Set…Fly!

Many self-published authors choose as a venue to sell the work they have painstakingly developed because of how easy it is for readers to access and purchase. With the influx of Kindle e-readers, the ability to purchase a new novel has become even easier. Authors are able to set reasonable prices for their paperbacks, and e-books are now less than a dollar, and, with a Kindle Prime Membership, readers are able to access the books they want to read, free of charge.

Lana Jordain’s novel, Ready? Set…Fly! is available in both paperback and e-book form on Just recently, Lana has lowered the price of her paperback from $12.99 to $9.99, and her e-book is only 99 cents.

Ready? Set…Fly! is a must-read for anyone who is struggling with their own happiness, who is having trouble figuring out what their true purpose is, and who is desperately trying to discover who they are. Lana’s novel takes her readers on a journey through her own struggles, hardships and unhappiness; where she, at one point, thought long and hard about giving up on the pursuit of her own happiness because of a bad marriage to a man who continued to hold her down. In the end, Lana came out a stronger, happier and a more positive person because of her experiences.

Lana has stated that both men and women can benefit from reading Ready? Set…Fly! Men, particularly, will find Lana’s novel an inspirational lift of the soul. It’s hard from men to express their feelings, but, through Lana’s words of wisdom, men are able to dig deep and find what makes their souls speak to them. They will find it much easier to express their grievances and worries. It doesn’t make you weak to have feelings or needs, it makes you human.

Women will find Lana’s novel inspirational and informative. They will learn how to better understand what, or who, is causing them pain in their lives and what, or who, is holding them back. Women will find strength in learning how to convey to their partners what their needs and wants are without making it all about themselves, in a way that their partner will actually listen.

Lana has been living this book for most of her adult life, without her even knowing it. Once she realized her true self and found inner peace after heartbreak and pain, she began to write it all down, which took a little over three weeks to complete. With the help of her editor, Lena Hunt, Lana was able to create a story that speaks to the soul. Everyone can gain insight from Ready? Set…Fly!

To begin your own journey to self-discovery where you will find true happiness in your life, download your copy of Ready? Set…Fly! in e-book form by clicking here. The Kindle version is 99 cents and if you are an Amazon Prime Member, you can download the book free of charge. If you prefer a paperback version of Ready? Set…Fly!, you can purchase it here, for only $9.99. You won’t believe how your soul will soar. Are you ready to fly?

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Live The Life You Want

Live The Life You Want

You have the ability to live the greatest, most auspicious life if you take control right now and make choices that effect spectacular changes. This control ultimately adjusts your life and you will begin to live the life you truly want.

Envision the Life You Want

If you don’t have a vision of the life you want, you can’t take the first step toward that life. You need to be able to see your perfect life in your mind before you can make it a reality. As with anything else, you will not go forward without the vision of your life the way it’s meant to be.

If you find it’s difficult to envision it, you can write your goals down and use photographs, if necessary. Start with your ultimate goal, imagine the life you truly want to live, and work from there.

Ready? Set...Fly!

Eliminate What Serves No Purpose

Anything in your present life that will not serve a purpose in the future must be eliminated. Holding on to things that will hold you back and won’t get you to the life you want, needs to be left behind. Begin with the small things in your life that aren’t working for you, then move on to larger things. Once that is done, you can begin to gather the things that will help make your envisioned life become a reality.

Start by making a list of the unnecessary things, people, places, and habits that do not fit in your envisioned life. Anything that does not benefit you must be eliminated and replaced with the things, people, places, and habits that will make your envisioned life truly great.

Lana Jordain in New York.

Replace With What Best Serves You

When you eliminate unnecessary things in your life, you must replace them with beneficial things. Instead of a bad habit of, say, smoking, replace that habit with something like working out or yoga. Do not let negativity distract you. Your goal is now clear and you are on the path to greatness.

As previously mentioned, make a list, with photos, of the life you want. If there are things that are not on that list that should be, put them on. If there are things on that list that shouldn’t be there, remove them. Everything on your list of the life you want to live should ultimately bring you to the point you want to be.

Lana Jordain’s novel, Ready? Set…Fly!, discusses the path to the ultimate life and how she went from living a life of pain to being positive and now living the life she was destined to live. Her novel can be purchased at

Be Grateful

There are virtually millions of things to be grateful for each and every day. No matter how bad things may seem, if you look deep down, you will find there are so many things you can give thanks for. Having gratitude is essential to your mental and physical health; it draws positive energy into your life, you smile more, and positive people are attracted to you. Here is a short list of things to be grateful for. Add them to the list of things you’re already grateful for..

1. Be grateful… when the sun comes up each day. Let the warmth wash over you. The shining sun is a sign that you have been given life for another fantastic day.

2. Be grateful… for your car, especially if it only starts when it feels like it. Your broken down car is a reminder that on your road to greatness, your future holds a new one.

3. Be grateful… for any mistakes you make today. Mistakes are life’s way of telling you are human and you are not perfect. Mistakes are made to give you lessons. Learn from them and embrace them.

4. Be grateful… for the love in your life. It’s not all about romantic love. This includes family, friends, your pets, and, yes, the love you have for yourself. Love is love, no matter the form in which it is given or received.

5. Be grateful… for your flaws. You are unique. Flaws show you that you can grow as a person. It would be very boring if you were perfect. Being unique is what makes all of us special.

6. Be grateful… for the winter chill in the morning as you leave your house. As strange as it sounds, the cold reminds us that we are alive and there is breath in our lungs. Enjoy these cold days and know that Spring is just around the corner.

7. Be grateful…for the person who harms your heart. Why? Because that person has taught you a lesson, a part of life, and opens your eyes to the people in your life who are truly there for you no matter how bad things seem to get.

8. Be grateful… for the sounds that annoy you. Even the worst sounds remind you that you are able to hear the sounds you do enjoy.

9. Be grateful… for all of your problems. Everyone has problems, but they remind us that we are able to overcome them and make our lives truly wonderful.

Ready? Set...Fly!

In short, be grateful for everything that crosses your path, every day. No matter how bad things seem, no matter how sad you may be, there is something right in front of you that will bring you some kind of joy, if even in a small way. Embrace it and be thankful for this day!

Ready? Set…Fly!, – the incredible novel by author, Lana Jordain, takes us on a journey of gratefulness. From a bad marriage where nothing in life seemed to be good, to a life of bliss, Lana shows you that life is a gift and we should be thankful for everything in it. Pick up your copy at

About Ready? Set…Fly

Ready? Set...Fly

Everything in our lives is subjective: The same way nobody can force you to eat a certain kind of food, which you don’t like – nothing you read in your life will interest you, especially if it doesn’t click with your personal life perception. We may start reading a book and leave it unfinished because there is nothing about us there. Is it selfish? No, it is how we are wired: The whole world circulates around our ego center, whether we want it to or not.



Lana Jordain

Are you still intrigued and continuing to smile?

Check it out for yourself, there is a message for everyone here. I don’t feel that it is fair to keep it to myself! And it doesn’t matter if you are a man or a woman, all the better if you are a man: my heart goes out to you because a woman throws all her worries on whomever will listen to her hardships, while a man keeps them deep inside and cuts his life short. Read it, feel it, cry together with me, talk to me! I will be happy to make perhaps a slight, but but still, a difference in your life. I am here for you!

Discover Yourself with Ready? Set...Fly

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